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the lore

Level 1: The Beginning

Pepe begins his journey in the Swamplands of Evermuck. His first task is to help an old frog named Kermitus find his lost flute. After navigating through thick vines and mud, Pepe finds the flute guarded by a grumpy snail. Using his stealth, he retrieves the flute without waking the snail, earning him enough experience to reach Level 2.

pepe lore level 1

Level 2: The First Companion

Now recognized for his capabilities, Pepe is joined by a small, talkative bird named Chirpy who lost her flock. Together, they embark on a quest to find the missing birds. They discover the birds trapped in a net set by a novice hunter. Pepe and Chirpy work together to free them, solidifying their friendship and advancing Pepe to Level 3.

pepe lore level 2

Level 3: Learning the Ropes

Pepe learns his first skill, Camouflage, which allows him to blend into his surroundings even better. He uses this skill to sneak into a goblin camp and retrieve stolen medicinal herbs. His successful mission earns him not only gratitude from the local villagers but also enough experience to advance to Level 4.

pepe lore level 3

Level 4: The Misty Grotto

Pepe is tasked with exploring a mysterious grotto that villagers believe is cursed. Inside, Pepe uses his Camouflage to evade ghostly spirits and finds an ancient artifact. His bravery and successful return earn him enough experience to reach Level 5.

pepe lore level 4

Level 5: A Hero's Test

At Level 5, Pepe is tested by a wise old turtle mage who senses great potential in him. Pepe must solve a series of riddles and physical challenges, proving his intelligence and agility. Success grants him a new ability, Leap, which allows him to jump over obstacles and enemies, propelling him to Level 6.

pepe lore level 5

Level 6: The Windy Cliffs

Pepe's journey takes him to the Windy Cliffs where the gusts are so strong they can lift an unprepared traveler off their feet. Here, he meets an old eagle named Aerion who teaches him how to harness the winds. Pepe learns the skill of Wind Riding, allowing him to glide over long distances with aerion. Using this new ability, he rescues a group of stranded rabbits on a crumbling ledge, earning enough experience to reach Level 7.

wop flying

Level 7: The Whispering Woods

In the dense, shadow-filled Whispering Woods, Pepe uses his Camouflage and Wind Riding skills to navigate through the eerie silence. He encounters a wise fox named Vixen who imparts knowledge of the forest's secrets and introduces him to the skill of Echo Location. This skill helps Pepe locate and rescue a missing child who had wandered into the woods, increasing his renown and advancing him to Level 8.

wop forest

Level 8: The Frozen Peaks

Next, Pepe ascends the daunting Frozen Peaks. The biting cold and slippery paths test his endurance and agility. Here, he discovers a tribe of snow leopards struggling to survive after an avalanche. With his array of skills, Pepe helps clear the snow and rebuild their shelter. In gratitude, the leopards teach him the Ice Walk, a skill that prevents slipping and enhances his resistance to cold. His heroic deeds here earn him enough experience to ascend to Level 9.

wop leopard

Level 9: The Luminous Lake

At the Luminous Lake, a mystical body of water that shines under the moonlight, Pepe faces his most beautiful yet challenging environment. The lake is home to elusive water spirits who challenge him to a test of purity and wisdom. Using all the skills he has learned, Pepe navigates the trials set by the spirits. Succeeding in these trials purifies the lake from a creeping darkness, restoring its natural beauty and harmony, propelling him to the final level before he can claim the title of a hero.

wop relax

Level 10: The Hero's Summit

Reaching Level 10, Pepe arrives at the Hero’s Summit, a place where aspiring heroes meet their destiny. Here, he finds all the friends and allies he made along the way, who have come to support him. The final test is a duel of skills against a shadowy figure that embodies all of Pepe's doubts and fears. Using Camouflage, Wind Riding, Echo Location, Pepe conquers his shadow, proving his worth as a true hero. He is granted the title of Guardian of Evermuck, tasked with protecting the land and its inhabitants. 

wop summit

$wop is a meme coin with no intrinsic value or expectation of financial return. the coin is completely useless and for entertainment purposes only.

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